Why Transparency Is Key to Your Business's Success

Transparency in business is not a new concept, but some businesses have been slow to take advantage of it's benefits.  Many companies have committed to being transparent. Doing so is clearly in the best interest of the company and their clients.

It's one thing for a brand to tell it's story, but when a company is confident enough in its process to show viewers exactly how things are done, it's the ultimate in show and tell.

Transparency is part of the bigger picture of being authentic. Transparency without authenticity will only get your brand attention. Authenticity allows your message to be heard, believed, and shared. So, the real question is how to be transparent and authentic?

People are naturally distrustful of what you have to say about yourself. They are more likely to trust what others have to say about you. Brands have three major groups to think about: influencers, advocates and employees. Influencers, such as bloggers or journalists, have the largest audiences; advocates love the brand and are excited about developments; and employees are the closest to the brand and therefore are able to speak more authoritatively about it. Get your employees to speak about your brand, and the influencers and advocates will follow!

Done strategically and appropriately, particularly in response to customer concerns, transparency can leave clients and potential clients more trusting and better informed as a result.