How Storytelling Can Work For Your Brand


Every company wants its brand to connect with its target audience. What better way to do this than to create a story where your brand is the hero?

Every person thrives on storytelling. We are constantly telling the tales of our lives, and we might not even realize it. People respond to storytelling because it is something that they have been exposed to since they were children. However, creating a brand story isnʼt as simple as:

ʻHere's the hero. Here's the villain. They fight and the hero wins. The End.ʼ

Your brand story should relate to the product and have true meaning behind it. If you donʼt feel connected to your brand and your brand story, then no one else will either.

Creating a brand for a company is more than just developing a logo. People want to know the story behind it all. When I was working at a marketing firm in Tallahassee called Onyx Creative Group, they had recently rebranded. Their new logo was the now famous Onyx dot. I had only been working at Onyx for a few months when we began developing this new brand. And we decided that the Onyx dot would have a life of its own, just like each company's brand should have its own unique life. The dot can be seen in all types of places throughout Tallahassee: Team members can be seen interacting with the dot on their business cards. Facebook fans and clients competed for an opportunity to pose with the dot, as if it were a celebrity. The Onyx dot has been spotted on cars, on local restaurant tables, and even on peopleʼs refrigerators. The Onyx dotʼs story isnʼt spelled out; instead, we gave this dot a life of its own.

That's what branding is all about. Every brand has a story to tell, so make sure yours is a good one!