Green Tweets and Spam

When I was working for Onyx, I made a video for our clients explaining the importance of social media. Social Media is a hot topic when it comes to business. Some people claim that it is just another fad and that it doesnʼt make that big of a difference. Some people simply donʼt understand the way that social media works and donʼt bother learning because they donʼt think itʼs important. This resistance to adapt to change, at least in my experience, is common. So I decided to channel Dr. Seuss and explain social media in a fun and simple way.

Illustrations by Marc L. Thomas

Here's the script in case you want to follow along:

  • Clare: Iʼm Clare Pierre. And today Iʼve got something to share: Social media is everywhere.
  • Grouch: Clare Pierre, I do not care. Social media is a much too complicated affair.
  • Clare: Listen up, itʼs not that bad. If you try it, youʼll be glad. Facebook and Twitter are the best. Send tweets and posts to gain interest.
  • Grouch: Clare Pierre, I do not care. My time and energy would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Clare: Social media is worth your time, I swear. It's as simple as a like and a share. You send your tweets and Facebook posts. And soon reach people coast-to-coast.
  • Grouch: Clare Pierre, I do not care. Social media is a nightmare.
  • Clare: What you say is so unfair. Youʼd love social media if you were more aware. 13 years it took TV to reach 50 million users, donʼt you see. But Facebook reached 200 mill. In less than 1 year, they filled the bill
  • Grouch: Clare Pierre, I do not care. To sit at a computer on my derriere.

  • Clare: I do not mean to overbear. It just takes practice if you have time to spare. You want to tell your story and make it stand-out. Find a relevant link or video or even printout. Now share it with your readers—those unaware. Engage them in conversation to show youʼre debonair. Try it, try it! If you dare.

  • Grouch: I will try it to be fair. To see if itʼs not worth the wear and tear. (posts to bitter) What has happened? Not a thing. My post must be just too boring.

  • Clare: Donʼt be down and donʼt be sad. Your first time post is not half-bad. All it needs is a bit of flair. Try it, try it! Take the dare.

  • Grouch: I will try it; stop your pitch. One more time before I ditch . . . (posts to grumpy Facebook and DING he gets some likes.) I did it, I did it. Will this make me rich?