Why Your Company Should be on Google+

google+ for business

Google+ has been around for a while now, but company's are still unsure if itʼs worth adding to their social media mix. Google+ is definitely a great way to share information and it's very helpful with search engine optimization (SEO).

We obviously all know what Google is, but Google+ is more like Facebook. Google+ is essentially an extension of your Google profile. Itʼs linked up to any type of Google Account you have such as Gmail, or YouTube. It represents you and whatever it is that you choose to share with the public exactly like your company's Facebook Page. However, Google+ is much more focused on content.

From a bio about your company to your location and hours your Google+ Business page will optimize your results when people are searching for you on Google. In addition the content you share to your circles should be focused on your keywords and your target audience in order to help with your search results as well. You should also consider creating a local page for your business on Google as well. (Stay tuned for an article about that in the next few weeks)

Google+ also has interest groups, similar to those found on LinkedIn. You can follow topics related to your industry and comment and post in those groups as well. This helps to establish a name for your business to your industry peers who are in the group, and for those who are interested in your industry. So, let's say you are a clothing store. You would want to join groups related to fashion and design. Make sure you are posting relevant content in those groups, and responding to other people's content to get your name out there.

Google+ is definitely worth the time, and should be considered an essential part in your social media marketing efforts.