Why LinkedIn is Worth Your Time

linkedin for business

Most people overlook LinkedIn for social marketing efforts. If a company is using LinkedIn at all, in most cases it's for recruiting purposes. However, LinkedIn's discussion groups are extremely targeted when used properly.

One of the most important strategies in marketing is to establish yourself and your company as an industry expert. LinkedIn has discussion groups for almost any topic you can think of.

Let's say you're an insurance agent. You want to establish yourself as an insurance expert. LinkedIn has over 21,000 discussion groups related to insurance! You should join the groups that are pertinent to the type of insurance you provide. Once you're in those groups, you should be posting topics from your experience as an insurance agent as well as commenting on posts by other group members.

This should take about 15-20 minutes each sitting, and you should be doing it weekly. Active participation in LinkedIn discussion groups is well worth the time invested. Not only does this get your name in front of peers and potential clients, it establishes you as a subject matter expert.

Stay tuned for a more detailed article on how to successfully use LinkedIn discussion groups for your business!