3 Must Haves For Your Mobile Website

Mobile websites aim at a seamless user experience for people who are on the go. With Google’s search algorithm now factoring in mobile experience, and more than half of users accessing websites from their smartphones, it is increasingly important for your website to be mobile friendly. Here are our top 3 must haves for your mobile site:

mobile site.png

1. Responsive web design

Responsive web design is when your website adjusts based on the screen size. For example if you visit a site from a laptop it will look different than it does on a tablet. The site will even adjust based on the size of your computer screen. This is particularly important for mobile because smartphones vary in size as do the browsers that users are using to visit your website. It might seem like having a responsive website would be costly, but we offer responsive websites for a very affordable cost!

2. Fast and simple user experience:

Your web layout, particularly on mobile, should be clear and easy to use. Your load time should also be quick so truncate any images and videos to improve the speed of your mobile site. Use phrases that are short and won’t look too busy on the mobile screen. Make it easy for people to call or email you directly from your mobile site as well.

3. Ecommerce functionality:

Gone are the days, where the mobile sites only are for gaining info and the desktop sites are the only place for ecommerce. Your mobile site should be fully ecommerce capable. Customers do not like complicated processes, and want something simple and easy.

Your mobile website should work efficiently without any complications. This should be the main focus as you are creating your mobile site.