3 Photography Tips to Market your Business:

When it comes to your business, marketing is extremely important and how you market your business is essential to its success. When it comes to your products or services, you want to inform and provide knowledge to your audience in a way they can absorb it. Attracting viewers aesthetically is a very important step to any marketing process. High quality images on your website and various social media platforms can really boost your viewers' interest. They allow your audience to gain more insight into who you are, what your style is, and what your business can bring to the table. That is why we highly recommend investing time and budget into quality photos. So here are three photography tips to help you get started:

1. Photography for social media platforms

When it comes to social media, many viewers are exposed to a plethora of visual content. In order to diversify yourself as much as possible and truly engage their attention, you must have images that stand out. The time to grasp your viewer’s attention is limited, so it’s important to feature your products or services in a unique way. Try taking your product outside and use natural lighting to your benefit. Have a friend help model your product, or if it’s a service you’re offering use a nice photo as a graphic with text. By taking the time to stage your products/services, it shows the viewers that you put time into your work and focus on the details.

2. Photography for your website

When it comes to your website, you want to attract customers, sell them on who you are, and build trust. On your contact and about me page, you want to showcase your expertise. Think about investing in a photographer to take some professional headshots for you and your team. Add a description for each team member and it’ll allow your audience to gain insight to your lives and services. Overall it will give a sense of professionalism and added value to your website.

3. Photography Style

Finally, you want to stay consistent with your photos. If people can recognize the style of your photos you are in good shape. This sense of consistency in your photography style leaves your audience feeling like you are reliable (i.e. trustworthy). One great photo will get you attention, but the more you keep up with your brand and display your products professionally then the more viewers will pay attention.

If you need help sprucing up the photography for your business, feel free to reach out anytime.