3 Tips for Professional Web Design

3 tips.png

Everyone is using websites these days to promote their business or sell their products, but most do not succeed because they fail to consider some of the basics that really make a website stand out and look professional while doing it. These are the three most common tips missed opportunities we find with websites:

1. Using your own images instead of stock images

Stock photos are easy to get and are also attractive, but do they tell users about the real you? No, they're too general and people are used to scanning right past them. The whole point of your website is for people to get to know YOU and your products and services, so why not use real photos of those things?

2. Creating a website that is responsive

Responsive websites are optimized for any screen size, meaning they perform well on mobile, desktop, and tablets. One of the significant benefits of responsive design is that the size of the site adjusts based on screen size. It means that no matter what size screen someone is viewing your website, it will display appropriately for that screen size. This makes for a better experience for your users, which is what websites should be focused on in the first place.

 3. Writing original content for your site

Originality is a critical component for search engine optimization. Search engines are interested in sites with high-quality, original content. They also look for new content so the more often you post content on your website the better. We recommend that each page include at least 300 words of original content to be indexed by search engines.

Whether you want to create a new website or already have one and want to improve it, we are here to help you. Click here to learn more about our professional web design services.