3 Tips for Your Instagram Marketing

3 Tips for Your Instagram Marketing.png

For this week’s blog post, I will be discussing the importance of Instagram Marketing and using it as a powerful tool for your business.

With these 3 tips you will learn how to grow your business and turn followers into clients!

Tip #1: Authentic Following/Engagement

So you want to grow your Instagram following and reach more people, buuut you’re not sure where to start. It may take a while, but a true following with REAL people is what makes your profile/business worth-while. Oftentimes you will have people reach out to you saying “I can help you manage your business and gain you thousands of followers!” (Sounds tempting but it is definitely not worth it!) Buying your followers will not only waste your money, it will also stunt your growth with your target audience. Using bots/buying followers will make your number go up, but your engagement and the amount of people interested won't change. The more people you have following you who are PASSIONATE about your brand and mission will help you more in the long run. To find those people you have to provide them with content that they would value

Tip #2: Figure out Your Target Audience

This is an important one because if you don’t know who you’re targeting, it is difficult to create content for the right audience. Figure out who would benefit most from your products and services. It may seem simple to say "Well, everyone." But the truth is there are people who would connect with your products or services more than others. Follow accounts who inspire you and allow your ideas to truly manifest who you are and what your brand is. By creating content you are excited about then the right audience will be able to find you.

Tip #3: Utilize the Business Features on Instagram

Instagram offers a variety of tools to help get your content out to the public. Providing you
options such as promoting your posts as ads, adding links to your stories and viewing insights
from your posts/stories. By promoting your images you can choose what kind of audience you
need to reach, how long the promotion will be up and how much you want to spend. Right now,
promoting your post is super easy and affordable. This is a quick way to reach a mass audience to attract them to your profile/website. Instagram stories are another great way for your audience to engage with you, and now if you have 10k + followers you can add links to your stories that will lead directly to your product or service! Finally, viewing insights can be an extremely beneficial tool. By learning what your post meant to your audience you gain a better understanding of what works and which products and services are more appealing than others. Instagram provides you with information such as what the reach was, how many people liked your post and how many people visited your profile because of your post.

All of these tips will be useful for you in the long run and help you create an authentic connection with your audience! Remember to stay true to yourself and follow up with your posts.

When you start making these changes you’ll see just how much Instagram can help you gain new
clients and form new business relationships.