5 Must Haves for Your Website


A website is an essential aspect of a successful business because іt helps establish credibility and build your brand’s reputation The longer you avoid creating a professional presence online, the less likely you are to reach your audience.

If you aren't already familiar with web design you can start small and build over time. No one knows everything at the beginning. The best advice we can give is to set yourself uр by listening to feedback from customers and make adjustments accordingly. Alternatively there’s always the option of hiring a professional web developer to fill in the gaps for you. In the meantime, if you do have a website for your business it MUST include at least these 5 things:

1. A seamless user experience

It is of the utmost importance that your customers can navigate your site easily with just one or two clicks. Though you may be tempted to emphasize the look of your site over all else, a savvy web designer will tell you functionality always comes first. When designing think about the way users interact with your website's pages and react to your content.

2. A Bіо page, FAQ раgе аnd SEO-Friendly Product/Service Dеѕсrірtіоnѕ  

An ‘About’ section and a FAQ page will save you from receiving countless emails and phone calls all repeating the same questions. These questions typically revolve around your delivery options, return policy, sizing guide and other product and service related questions. An FAQ page will also save your customers from many frutrations and act as a helpful resource to your customer service as a go-to reference. In addition, great keyworded descriptions of the products and/or services you offer is highly important to help your site come up first in search results.  

3. Your Brand’s Personality

When someone visits your site, what message are you trying to communicate and what action do you want them to take upon reaching that particular page? These are the types of considerations you must always keep in mind during the web design process.

An optimal design should smoothly guide the customer through that journey in a subtle and unobtrusive way. If this all works without a hitch, you’ll be building a positive reputation in no time and encouraging great word of mouth advertising free of charge!

4. A Mobile-Friendly Version

Mobile internet usage has actually surpassed PC internet usage. In response, platforms such as Facebook and Google have made algorithm changes that favor websites optimized for mobile devices. If it’s important enough for these massive companies to enact major change, you better believe you should too. Be sure to test out your website on smartphones and tablets of varying sizes to make sure everything still looks correct.

5. Valuable Content

Content marketing is a great way оf ensuring people discover, read, share and link to the content you create. Creating content of value increases the chances of customers finding your business and more importantly, remembering it.

If at first your business’ blog page isn’t gaining much traction, consider collaboration. If you write great content for well-known sites with heavier traffic, you’ll naturally lead their audience back to your own website.

If you want any more in depth explanations of any of the topics we’ve discussed above, or you have any other web-design related questions, please feel free to contact us anytime or leave a comment down below.