Don't Cut Corners With Digital Marketing

As is true with most things in life, cutting corners might get you ahead for a short period of time, but it will only cost you in the long run. The same goes for your marketing plan. Questionable marketing practices can land you in a hole that you could spend years digging yourself out of while your competitors win over client after client. It’s critical to invest in meaningful marketing tactics from the start. Here’s what to avoid:

Fake Reviews

Think about the last time you wanted to check out a new restaurant or were looking for someone to provide a service. You probably checked out their online reviews and used customer feedback to determine if it was what you were looking for. Online reviews are incredibly important for businesses today and the boost that fake reviews can give a business is just too good for some to pass up. These fake reviews will eventually come to light which can permanently impact your business (and even shut down your online listings permanently).

Why use fake reviews when your product/services are remarkable? If your product/service isn’t worth five stars, go back to the drawing board to get it where it needs to be. Otherwise, no amount of fake reviews will bring you success. When you can stand behind your quality product/service and you make customer service a priority, happy customers are willing and able to easily spread the word. It’s up to you to help them get there and respond to their feedback.

Black Hat SEO

Appearing in search results is a key element to finding digital marketing success, but black hat SEO isn’t the way to get you there. Despite efforts to prevent these shady tactics, some businesses still try to use them. In the long run, Google will catch you and penalize you. Sure, the damage can be undone. But SEO takes time, and when you get your business off the ground, you don’t have much time to waste.

Focus on creating quality content and distributing it in a way that users want to share far and wide. Develop strong and meaningful relationships between your brand and customers and stay up to date on webmaster guidelines.

Influencers Who Don’t Disclose

Sure, it can be tempting to Venmo the local influencer $100 to say your product is the GOAT. But don’t do it. For starters, it is a violation of FTC regulations, but it is also a dishonest practice. Influencer marketing is still a grey area and it relies heavily on those engaging in it to practice with integrity. 

If you do choose to work with influencers, choose only those who always disclose. Look at their engagement, not just the size of their following. A smaller number of highly engaged followers is a much more valuable target audience than exposure to the wrong people...or a bunch of bots

Practice Meaningful Marketing

When we develop digital marketing strategies and content for our clients, it requires a unique strategy for each one. Marketing isn’t a quick fix -- it is a commitment to giving your customers, both current and potential, the very best you have to offer. Only you can determine what you are willing to put into that and what it looks like, and although it isn’t always easy, it should be honest and exciting and fun. 

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