Goodbye, Google+

April Fool’s Day has come and gone and this news is no joke: Google+ is no more. In October of last year, Google confirmed the official shutdown of the consumer version of the platform. For many in the social media marketing world, this isn’t a huge surprise. Google mentioned the challenges they faced in the creation and maintenance of Google+ and the difficulties of managing user expectations. Some speculate that the competition was too strong with successful platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There has definitely been plenty of chatter about how the shutdown process would play out.

If you are an active Google+ user, you are definitely looking for answers and we are here to help. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Shutdown Date

Well, that’s today. Google announced that the personal version of Google+ will shut down April 2. Google did release notifications on your account, so we hope you were able to save what you needed. Any photos and videos backed up on Google Photos will not be deleted.

2. You can no longer create a Google+ personal account

As of February 4th, users were no longer able to create new Google+ pages, profiles, communities, or events. As an existing user, you will no longer be able to leave comments on Google+ or on other websites through your Google+ account.

3. Connect with your followers beyond Google+

If you have a lot of Google+ followers, you are likely to lose your connection with them. You can always send them a request on other social media platforms, or collect their contact information to keep in touch outside of the platform.

4. Don’t fret - other Google services are not being shut down

If you’ve heard rumors that other Google services are being shut down, we can safely say they are just that -- rumors! No other Google products (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube) will be shut down as part of the Google+ consumer shutdown, and the Google account you use to sign in to those services will remain. Additionally, if you have a brand account, it will continue to exist with Google+ so you can still use it with other Google products like YouTube channels.

5. Effect of the shutdown on Google Events and Communities

Any events created in Google+ are removed from Google Calendar, including birthdays of the people in your Google+ circles. However, events that were created in Google Calendar will not be removed.

7. Effect of the Google+ shutdown on YouTube

Because you log into your YouTube account with your main Google Account, nothing will happen to it or the videos you have uploaded. There are some functionalities of YouTube built into Google+, like sharing to Google+ circles and linking to Google+ profiles, which will no longer be available.

 If you loved using Google+, we feel your pain. Fortunately other social media platforms continue to thrive, and our services are available if you’re looking for more tips and tricks!