How to Come Up With Social Media Content

The Internet is loaded with content, and you cannot deny the fact that most content is aimed at selling you something. If you’re trying to do the same you need to stand out. Here are a few ideas to improve your social media content.

1. Pay attention to aesthetics:

You might be thinking that everyone will care about the content you are posting, but you are likely wrong. People are constantly being inundated with content and have the technology to only see the things they are interest in. Only 16% of users are likely to read your content, and 79% simply scan through the page. The major percentage looks for words and sentences that interest them the most. Since majority of readers are actually scanning your content, consider organizing your content in a pyramid structure. The most important points on the top, with supplemental content at the bottom is key. You need to add headers, and fonts of different sizes to make scanning easier. You should also take advantage of videos, images, GIF’s, etc. to enhance your content as well.

2.  Make your content emotionally appealing:

Read your content after you have drafted it. Does it evoke some sort of emotion in you? Most of the time selling is about  an emotional response rather than a rational one. The best way to come up with emotionally engaging content is to opt for storytelling. A great story is loaded with emotional appeal. Ensure the story revolves around characters your audience can relate to.

3. Be fast to react:

Your social media responses should be really fast. Don’t only create your own content, but share breaking news, experiences or anything current that is relevant to your product or service. Create hashtags. If your social media page is all about a product for children, ensure you never miss out any local tournaments, events and celebrations to stay on top of what is important to your audience.

4. Share juicy content:

If your content is always about your products and services, it can be pretty monotonous. You need to share tips, reviews and quotes as well.

Your content is an area where you can market everything and anything. Make it fun and emotional, if you want to be successful.