How to Work April Fool's Into Your Marketing

When it comes to creating content around trending events, April Fool's can be a great way for brands to have fun and improve online engagement. However, creating on-brand pranks that drive business can be challenging. Here are few of our favorite quirky and unusual April Fool’s marketing campaigns to inspire you:

Blue Moon

In 2015, Blue Moon tried to convince their followers that they invented the first beer infused oranges. I mean, how great would that be?


In 2018, KitKat announced a new product, edible soap, which provides a revolutionary way to break!


In 2018, Coca-Cola jumped on to the brunch-loving, super food-snacking bandwagon with the introduction of three new flavors: avocado, sourdough, and charcoal.

Scope Bacon Mouthwash

In 2013, Scope pulled a week-long April Fool's Day prank. They went all in on the idea, creating a page for the new product and promoting it heavily on Facebook and Twitter.

LEGO Glasses

In 2015, LEGO announced new LEGO Glasses to help you find missing bricks or filter bricks to find the color you need.


In 2018, Uber used its Uber Eats platform to announce the launch of Anti Aging Ice-cream.

Google Nose

In 2013, Google created a well-produced video to make people sincerely believe they would be able to search for smells using Google Nose. It elevated the level in which brands would have to go in the future to surprise an audience.

Miz Mooz Selfie Shoes

In 2015, Miz Mooz a shoe retailer put out a video advertising selfie shoes. They were promoted as an alternative to the selfie stick, which was banned at some music festivals. It was marketed as easy to use since people can put their smartphones into a docking port on the shoe, lift the leg and tap the sensor with a toe to snap the photo.

Burger King Toothpaste

In 2017, Burger King launched a commercial announcing Whopper flavored toothpaste. The ad claimed that the Whopper is so good that people will do anything to maintain the taste in their mouth. To make it more authentic they said it would be available both in drug stores and Burger King restaurants.

Hopefully these ideas will spark one of your own this April Fool’s! We would love to know what you come up with so let us know in the comments.