Jumping on the Back to School Bandwagon

Back to school usually means lots of sales and high online and in-store traffic for many businesses. This can make it hard for businesses to stand out. There are plenty of ways to attract an audience of students, teachers, and parents during the back to school season. Even if you don't sell school supplies or clothing, you can use these ideas to help make the most of one of the biggest retail seasons of the year.

Offering back to school related specials

Back to school sales are basically expected, and if you sell products that are related to school, that can work well for you. When you sell things like school supplies or clothing, advertising your products during back to school season will come easily.

There are plenty of services that also seamlessly fit into preparing for school. Hair salons can offer discounted back to school cuts. Doctors offices can offer discounted back to school check-ups. Restaurants can offer discounted prices for teachers. It is just a matter of getting creative with your own products and services. You should use social media to advertising these discounts, and ask your customers to tag your businesses in their social media content.

Create a back to school contest

Everyone loves a contest. They are a great tool to boost sales and create buzz for your business. A contest for students, parents or teachers would be a great idea for the back to school season. For example, you might ask kids to write or draw what they like best about school, or you can focus on a topic like a school safety and ask kids to send tips. If you want to focus on parents or teachers, ask them what they're going to miss most about summer. Remember that you don't have to go it alone; banding your content with other companies means you can generate even more interest and potentially award a bigger prize.

Don’t forget to focus on teachers

Back to school is usually focused on parents and students. Don’t forget about teachers! If your products or services are appropriate, target your back to school promotion to teachers. You can offer car detailing services, memberships discounts,  or gift cards.

What other back to school ideas do you have for your business? Let us know in the comments.