Say Goodbye to Google+

Google shut down the consumer version of Google Plus on April 2, 2019. This was announced after reports came out that the data of half million users had been exposed on the social network.

Now that Google Plus has been shut down you might be wondering what to do. Don’t worry, there are some alternate options for businesses to better reach people on Google.

Google Posts were launched as a way to allow businesses to share messages directly on their business listing on Google Maps and Google Search. Google Posts are available within the Google My Business dashboard. Each Post has limit of up to 300 words, and you can also include a photo. You can also set up a call to action button on your post.

Google Posts are somewhat like small ads or like social media posts that show up in Google Search on your Google My Business listing. If you're having an event or launching a new product you can set up a Post with a date and time, this post will automatically get removed after the event has passed.

Google Posts give you a highly responsive way to interact with interested customers. When someone searches your business, they are going to see your latest Post. The more you can engage with interested customers the better, so give Google Posts a try and let us know how you like it in the comments.