Seasonal Marketing Tips

Coming up with relevant marketing content year-round can be tricky if you’re posting as often as you should. This is where seasonal marketing content comes in handy. How can you relate certain holidays to your products/services? Which trending topics are worth chiming in on? There are quick and simple approaches you can take to hit that sweet spike in engagement and boost in sales.

1: The Local Relevance


The first, often overlooked approach is working local relevance into your captions. In the example post, you’ll see that even though the holiday aspect is kept generic (for political correctness), the seasonal nature still rings true.

By subtly weaving in local relevance like weather, popular local establishments, traditions, etc. you’ll easily create relatable content for your entire target area. After seeing this post, what Floridian wouldn’t be yearning to break out of their climate confinement and explore the great, cold unknown? Some other key features to recognize here are the diction choices and visual tone.

When you see these young, vibrant friends enjoying their “winter break,” you’ll most likely assume they are college-aged. If you or your kids are near college-age you’re also likely to further explore their social content and website listed in the image: “”. There you’ll find they give college tours to high school students across the state of Florida --from the steamy South all the way to the nippy North.

2: The Direct Calls To Action


Our next tactic involves using direct calls to action based upon seasonality. These should be kept short and simple.  When creating this post, we seamlessly combined the spark from seasonal content with the catalyst of personal narrative, which ignite our call to action.

By sharing a little bit about yourself, your business becomes more approachable. Now that your audience has this organic chance to open up, they’ll comfortably share their thoughts with you. This dialogue leads to an even greater increase in trust, which translates to more sales and better brand awareness.

3: The Trending Topics


Seasonal content does not solely have to relate to holidays either. Creating content around trending topics is another great way to get a jump in engagement. Keep in mind there are a couple risks involved with this approach.

The first risk is overly-inserting your personal point-of-view in the subject at hand. While we encourage everyone to be themselves, certain hot-button topics can lead to disgruntled fans. Though it may suit certain businesses, the general rule of thumb is to remain unbiased for these topics. Feel free to take part in the conversation as long as you are providing value to your audience. This typically keeps people away from riding the trending topic bandwagon; however, when done properly it can be highly beneficial for your business.

Through clever employment of this subtle “seasonal” speech, which also portrays a meaningful message, this social media post promotes successful finesse. It tracked along the trending stream yet still stuck true to the core message of a marketing company.

4: The Blatantly Obvious


Our final approach to seasonal content is also the most commonly used. It’s what we like to call: the blatantly obvious. Throw all your subtlety out the window for this one. We’re making true to form holiday/seasonal content that will immediately stand out.

Though there are a couple different routes you can experiment with here, we figured why not go ahead and try ‘em all! Use the bold, bright color palettes associated with your holiday of choice to highlight your message. Don’t be afraid to throw in an extra icon/graphic or two as well.  Have some fun with these by transforming your typically professional wording into something with a bit more character for the season.

There’s no wrong way to go about this approach so long as you remember one key fact. Always bring it back home. Avoid becoming so wrapped up in the festivity that you forget to swing things back around to your business and its products & services.

The calendar year is chock full of holidays both normal and wacky alike. Work your favorites into your marketing calendar. By gearing your content along these four aforementioned approaches, you’ll be sure to successfully boost your engagement and likely your sales along with it! Along the way you might even earn some insight into who you’re reaching & why. After all, isn’t that what marketing is all about?