A Guide to Blog Post Length

A Guide to Blog Post Length

Some people claim that blogging is a thing of the past. That video blogs are the best thing to do. However, if you're looking to rank on search engines, blogging is essential to your business. So you'll want to do whatever you can to blog effectively. Part of drafting the perfect blog is making sure it is the right length for you target audience.

How to Get Readers to Subscribe to Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to create content for your business. You can spend plenty of time on the proper blog length and blog frequency, but it will all be a waste of time if you don't have any subscribers. If you want to get readers to subscribe to your blog you need to market it properly.

How Often Should You Post to Your Blog?

Blogging effectively can be extremely difficult. From blog post length to content, there is so much to consider when writing your blog posts. Once you figure all of that out, you will find yourself wondering how often you should be posting to your blog. And like most things for your business, you will find varied answers.

Let's Get Ready to Tumble

When it comes to social media, most of us have heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but thereʼs another popular site called Tumblr. This microblogging site allows you to share text, photos, quotes, music links, and videos as well as blog posts.

8 Reasons Why Blogging is Essential for Your Business

Running a business is extremely difficult and time consuming. Most business owners understand the important of having a great website, maintaining that website, and having an active social media presence to direct people to their website. However, a lot of business owners don't dedicate time to another extremely important piece to having a successful digital presence: SEO aka search engine optimization.