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Tips to Kick Start Your Summer Marketing

Tips to Kick Start Your Summer Marketing

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to focus on new business opportunities. It’s important to incorporate the time of year into your content marketing in order to better connect with your customers! Whether it is slow or busy for your business in the summer, here are some tips you can take advantage of these next few months.

Why You Shouldn't Only Rely on Social Media

Why You Shouldn't Only Rely on Social Media

With the recent Facebook & Instagram outage that happened last week, I want to remind you why it’s important to diversify the way you interact and communicate with your customers!

Revamping Your Business in 2019

Revamping Your Business in 2019

Defining your business goals is extremely important for the new year. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want your business to achieve, and you should make sure you are on track.

Speak WITH Your Target Audience

During a recent meeting with my client I was reminded that I need to speak at a level that makes sense to her and to my target audience. This is important for all of us to do in our marketing.

Making the Most of Your Business Failures

Every business should have a plan, but it doesn't need to be set in stone. Making changes is a necessary part of owning a business so embrace the changes and make the most of the failures along the way.

Setting Your Business Goals

We all know how important goals are, but most of us don't take the time to set actionable goals. And I doubt most people are taking the time to set new goals once we've accomplish their old ones. I've recently found myself in a goal-less plateau and decided to share my thoughts about it with you all in my latest video.

Why You're Not Getting the Facebook Results You Expect and How to Fix It

So, in case you haven't noticed, Facebook is changing up the way they're doing things, which means you need to change the way you're using Facebook for your business. Here's what you need to know:

Is Social Media Spreading You Too Thin?

When social media is done effectively its importance cannot be argued. In order to use social media effectively you need to be able to focus time and energy on it. Just like every one of your clients requires a different approach, each social media outlet should be used differently and attracts a different type of audience.

3 Ways to Optimize Photos on Your Website to Boost Your SEO

After reading my blog post on the importance of a blog for your SEO efforts, you probably realize how helpful content can be toward the Search Enginge Ranking for your website. But, what you may not realize is that images can also be used to generate traffic from image-based search engines like Google Images.

Why Transparency Is Key to Your Business's Success

Transparency in business is not a new concept, but some businesses have been slow to take advantage of it's benefits.  Many companies have committed to being transparent. Doing so is clearly in the best interest of the company and their clients.

Making a Lasting Impression With Your Website

Would you ever show up to a meeting with a potential client with your shirt untucked, a tie that's way too small, or without brushing your hair? If you're thinking "NO!" that's because you recognize the importance of making a good first (and hopefully lasting) impression. The same concept of a good first impression should be applied to your company website.