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Why You Shouldn't Only Rely on Social Media

Why You Shouldn't Only Rely on Social Media

With the recent Facebook & Instagram outage that happened last week, I want to remind you why it’s important to diversify the way you interact and communicate with your customers!

Time Saving Marketing Tools

Time Saving Marketing Tools

Since we just lost an hour with daylight savings, time-saving tools are crucial to helping you push out more content to your audience. The more of your social strategy that you can put on autopilot, the more time you have to connect with your followers in real time. Here are 3 of our favorite time-saving content marketing tools.

Using Hootsuite: The Basics

I recently created a brief tutorial video explaining how to use Hootsuite. I just covered the basics to schedule a post and one of their newer features that suggests post for you. 

Using Facebook for Business: The Basics

This past weekend, I was a guest speaker at a conference for chiropractors. I spoke for about 90 minutes on how to use Facebook and Instagram for your business. During (and after) my presentation I received a lot of questions from the group about how to schedule posts, share them, comment on them etc. This is all stuff I would consider basic, but it dawned on me that many people do not know how to do this so I created a demonstration video for the group. However, everything I am showing will apply to you guys as well so I wanted to share it with you. 

How to Utilize Social Media for Your Business: Part 8

Last week I covered some specific information on how to set up your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, but I didn't want to leave out Google+ and LinkedIn since they are also pretty commonly used. Here's what you need to know:

How to Utilize Social Media for Your Business: Part 6

So, I've spent the last month going over how to use social media for your business. You are probably itching to get started, but there's one more thing I still need to go over with you and that's how to actually create your social media profile.

How to Utilize Social Media for Your Business: Part 5

Once you've done your research and figured out which social media site you'll use for your business and what your goals are, you'll need to determine the best approach to achieve those goals.

How to Utilize Social Media for Your Business: Part 4

Using social media for your business without setting goals would be like opening a business without a business plan in place.

6 Things to Look for in a Social Media Manager

By now, it is clear how beneficial social media can be toward your marketing efforts. There are plenty of social media management tools out there to help make the job easier, but it can still be overwhelming to manage social media effectively. In addition to a strategy, you need to have to resources to properly execute your social media plan. This is why a social media manager is vital to your business.

Creating a Local Business Page on Google

If you're creating a Google+ account, which you should, you are going to be faced with a few decisions. As mentioned in my previous blog, the first step is creating a Google+ profile.

Why Your Company Should be on Google+

Why Your Company Should be on Google+

Google+ has been around for a while now, but company's are still unsure if itʼs worth adding to their social media mix. Google+ is definitely a great way to share information and it's very helpful with search engine optimization (SEO).

What's in your Marketing toolkit?

What's in your Marketing toolkit?

Managing your digital marketing efforts can be a bit difficult at times, especially when it comes to social media. There are so many outlets and it's hard to keep track of what your posting to which one. Organization is key to stay on top of your social media marketing.