The Benefits of Scheduling Social Media Content

Colleen Smith - july 13, 2018.png

We all know the importance of watching what we say on social media, but did you know it's just as important to know when to say it?

In case you didn’t already know social media usage is growing quite rapidly! Here are some statistics to consider to understand the true scope of social media platforms' potential influence:

  • Social Media is ranked as the #1 most common activity for web users
  • Two new users join LinkedIn every second!
  • YouTube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any single cable network audience
  • 189 million Facebook users access the platform on mobile devices only 

Still not convinced that social media is taking over the business world?

According to “The Social Media Video” 93% of marketers were already using social media for their business back in 2012.

Without a doubt, the biggest struggle that comes with such rapid growth and increased usage is making ѕurе your target audience is being reached consistently. It is a marketer’s job to make sure your company is being heard. Virtually any company can immediately benefit from scheduling social media posts. You can use a wide array of social media techniques for a variety оf reasons. Here's a list of the top 5 reasons to schedule social media content:  

  1. Consistency: scheduling social media content assures new posts are going out regularly. Daily posts will keep your company in front of your target audience.
  2. Reach: scheduling your social media content guarantees that your posts go live at optimal times of the day. These optimal times are dependent upon your specific audience.

    For example: if you intend to reach people aged 14-18, it’s best to schedule your content to publish after school hours. 
  3. Engagement: Scheduling social media posts ahead of time ensures that nо matter how busy you may be, your fans will still be able to enjoy your content.

    Pro Tip: Weekends are a great time to reach people and you can schedule that content ahead of time so that you can enjoy your weekend!
  4. Simplicity: There are multiple social media scheduling tools available. We recommend Hootsuite, to simplify the process. This allows you and your staff to see what has been posted and when and can also auto publish content to multiple social media platforms so you can schedule it and free up more of your time for strategy.
  5. Analysis: The more variety of posts you schedule on social media, the more data you’ll get back to assess. This means it’s now easier than ever to analyze the successes and failures of each individual strategy you try.

Always be aware оf the specific language of what you schedule and when it goes live. It’s a good practice tо avoid branded content around times of disaster or misfortune, as this can often appear insensitive. If you do wish to schedule content during these times, keep it helpful and relevant to the current event.