Time Saving Marketing Tools

Content marketing is an ideal way to connect with your customers and build brand awareness. It lets you tell your story and build tremendous buzz around your services and products. Luckily, there are lots of great, time-saving tools out there that can dramatically increase the impact of your content marketing efforts.

Since we just lost an hour with daylight savings, time-saving tools are crucial to helping you push out more content to your audience. The more of your social strategy that you can put on autopilot, the more time you have to connect with your followers in real time. Here are 3 of our favorite time-saving content marketing tools:


Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that lets you manage all of your social media accounts from one place. Hootsuite also provides powerful analytics tools to let you know how your various social media accounts are doing. By using Hootsuite, you can get actionable metrics so that you can measure growth.

Hootsuite can monitor up to 50 social profiles for free. It can schedule up to 350 posts at a specific time. This tool saves you time and money.


Canva provides a wide variety of free or low-cost layouts, images, and fonts to communicate messages in a visual format. It allows you to increase your branding efforts by customizing posts, flyers, logos, business cards, etc. In essence, Canva provides an easy way for small business owners to discover their creative potential. The site encourages you to experiment while guiding you through the process every step of the way.

Canva is ideal for creating social media, books graphics and other designs or presentations, and it's also suitable for designing infographics that can be highly effective for digital marketing. Canva gives you the power to design like a talented professional, even without having any previous design experience.

You save time by using pre-made templates and drag-drop functionality, and you save money by avoiding the need to hire a professional graphic designer.

IMovie/Windows Movie Maker

IMovie is the  Apple evrsion of the classic video editing app, Windows Movie Maker. Both tools are robust video editing programs with advanced options like picture-in-picture, split screen, and the ability to use green screen filming to add in custom backgrounds. You can select the videos and photos you want to use in your next movie without any previous experience. Both programs allow you to add text, create effects, transitions and more. You can import videos and photos from your computer to start making movies. Using the editing tools, you can easily split, trim and speed up or slow down your movie. You can add a soundtrack to your movie, and adjust the volume of the movie as well. These tools give you the ability to become a professional movie editor and they are both free.