5 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

If you're taking the time to make video content for your YouTube channel you should take advantage of these tips to best reach your audience:

1. Post to YouTube On a Regular Basis

The more videos you post, the more people will come back to your channel to tune in. If you are new to YouTube and trying to build a following from scratch, post two to three times per week to start. The most important thing is to keep a regular schedule so people see new and fresh content when coming to your channel.


2. Create a Studio

The easiest way to consistently produce quality video content is to make it feasible. If you have a studio set up in your office, you when it's time to start shooting you can do so quickly (and easily).

3. Entice Your Viewers

If you are teaching someone how to do something, show they end result so they know what to expect. Stories are another great way to evoke curiosity. Everyone loves a good story and will naturally stick around to see what happens. 

However you decide to hook viewers, make sure that the opening directly relates to the subject matter. You don't want to click-bait your viewers and leave them feeling disappointed.

4. Keep Your Intro/Outro & Credits Short

Attention spans are short, and people may have already had to sit through an ad to see your video. Keep it short and to the point (we recommend the whole opener be no more than5 seconds long)

5. Go Live

Live streaming is a great, and quick, way to get content out there without spending a ton of time on it. There is definitely a learning curve to live videos, but once you get the hang of it, the opportunities are endless.