Tips to Market to Fathers

Father's Day is right around the corner, and you can take advantage of the holiday by focusing your June marketing efforts  specifically toward dads. By creating your own Father's Day marketing content, you can better reach fathers and consumers who will be shopping for their fathers, fathers-in-law, etc. Here’s our Father’s Day Marketing advice:

Create and promote products for Fathers

Everyone already knows about socks and ties. Spend some time brainstorming other products/services people will want to purchase for Father's Day. If you sell products/services that would make a good Father's Day gift, tell your customers you have this stuff in stock by sending out an email and by creating a special Father's Day section in your store to make it easy for shoppers to purchase from you.

Show Fathers Some Love

Now is an excellent time to offer promotions for Father's Day. But everyone is going to be doing just that, so, you need to corner the market and fast. Social media promotions, emails and in-store signs are a great way spread awareness to interested customers. Make sure that the discount amount is prominent in your materials.

Target the Right Fathers

Like any other target audience, make sure to target people who would be likely to buy from you. You can focus your email marketing messages on the people who you think would be most interested in what you are offering. Most tools automatically segment your lists into loyal, casual, or lapsed customers, so think about who is most likely to respond to your Fathers Day promotion. If you are creating ads for your Fathers Day sale, you can use Facebook’s demographic targeting or Google’s audience tool to make sure you are reaching the right people for your promotion.

There is still a little bit of time to tackle this fantastic opportunity and get ahead of your Fathers Day competitors. Good luck!