Tools to Test Your Website Performance

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Quality website performance is essential since most business is being done online. The best way to confirm that your website is performing as you want it to, is to use data to measure performance. There are so many tools available to measure website performance, it can be hard to know what to measure and what tools to use to do so.

Some tools are designed to help you improve performance, like Webpage Test, Screenfly, Pingdom, Geoscreenshot, Dareboost, Nibbler and many more. But only two tools are top of mind for website performance: The Website Grader tool from Hubspot and the Test my Site tool from Think with Google.

The Website Grader tool helps people better understand the simple things they can do to improve their website performance. Website Grader takes into account page size, page speed, SEO, and website security to help you improve your website. This tool explains things in as non-technical of language as possible and gives you detailed reports that you can pass off to your developer for implementation.

The Test my Site tool was launched by Google to measure mobile site performance since mobile search has officially exceeded desktop search as of last year. It is a free tool that provides a detailed report of the areas where your mobile website needs to improve. This tool makes it easy for anyone to understand what updates need to be implemented.

For most people, making updates to websites requires some sort of technical knowledge. Even with tools that spell it out for you, there still needs to be a developer who can properly implement these changes. That is where KP Kreative comes in; our team of professionals can create a great marketing strategy which will attract traffic to your website. We can also create (or improve) your website, and make it easy for you to update your own website whenever needed. What tools do you use to measure your website performance? Let us know in the comments.