Using Podcasts for Your Marketing

International Podcast Day is the perfect time to start podcasting for your business. Celebrated on September 30th, International Podcast Day is focused on growing the global podcasting community. If you have not used a podcast for your business before, here’s what you need to know.

Podcasting allows businesses to connect on a global level. You can use podcasts to explore, compare, challenge and expand your follower’s minds and hearts. Connecting with others, especially on an auditory level, provides followers an excellent way to get to know you on a personal level.

Build brand value

Consider podcasting as a content marketing opportunity. Podcasting offers many opportunities to publish valuable and unique content. Focus on speaking to your target audience and building awareness. Moreover, bringing core influencers to your podcast adds a level of credibility to your brand.

Expand your reach and grow your audience

Podcasts allow for free exposure. Podcast platforms work like search engines, and users can search for podcasts based on topic, host, etc. Make sure that you include a relevant title and description when publishing each of your podcasts. Additionally, create your podcasts around topics that your audience (or potential audience) would be interested in listening to.

Improve relationships with your customers

Although a podcast is a one-way platform, it can make it easier for businesses to develop better customer relationships. Podcasting makes your listeners feel as if they know the person speaking. Being completely yourself while podcasting is a great way to foster strong relationships with your customers. Podcast platforms are structured to encourage loyalty. Most podcasts are released in installments, with each installment encouraging listeners to return for the next one. Listeners become attached to hosts and want to continue to listen to content from them. 

Make your podcast mobile-friendly

Unlike blogs, the beauty of podcasts is that their audio content can be accessed on-the-go. Users can easily listen to your podcast, whether they're working out or cooking.