Why Paying for Email Lists Is Costlier Than You Think

I'm sure majority of you receive your emails directly on your phones which is why it's that much more annoying to get unsolicited emails. Most people who receive spam do one of 3 things: delete it, unsubscribe, or report it as spam. Those that unsubscribe are also give the opportunity to mark the email as spam. So, if for some reason you are still purchasing lists in order to send unsolicited emails to people, that means 2/3 of their options involve marking you as spam!

You might be thinking that's not a big deal, but it is. Here's why:

Email Marketing Platforms Will Suspend Your Account

The CAN-SPAM act is no joke and email marketing platforms take it seriously. If you get marked as spam/junk enough times, most email marketing platforms will disable your account so that you can no longer send emails. They do this because it affects their success rates. You can switch from one email platform to another, but the end result will still be the same as long as you continue to spam.

Any Emails Coming From Your Domain Will Go Straight to Junk Mail

IF you switch email platforms or simply send unsolicited emails without using an email marketing platform, you're not off the hook. If emails being sent on behalf of your business (ie. kpkreative.com) get marked as spam enough times, your entire domain will be blocked on most email providers. Meaning that the email will go straight to the junk mail folder.

If you made sure to purchase a "triple opt-in" list from a reputable company, you're still at risk. Most of the time, those lists are filled with old/unused emails and are not opt-in at all. So those that are good will be receiving unsolicited emails from you, and you're back to square one! It might seem like an uphill battle to build your email marketing lists the proper way, but it is definitely worth it!

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