Why You're Not Getting the Facebook Results You Expect and How to Fix It

So, in case you haven't noticed, Facebook is changing up the way they're doing things. Which means you need to change the way you're using Facebook for your business. Here's what you need to know:

Facebook is Filtering Your Newsfeed Posts

This shouldn't be news to you, but in case it is, let me explain. Have you noticed that significantly less people are seeing your Facebook posts? Your engagement levels are probably also down as well. That's because Facebook is filtering your posts based on what they believe the user wants to see. Facebook surveyed users and has decided not to display three types of content that users have taken issues with:

  1. Sales Pitch - posts that push people to buy your products or install your apps
  2. Contests - posts that ask people to sign up for contests/promotions
  3. Ads - posts that reuse the exact same content as an advertisement

In other words, you need to pay (boost) to have your posts show up on people's newsfeeds because Facebook will no longer be organically showing them. (Stay tuned for a detailed post about how to use Facebook ads!) For more information about the changes, please read Facebook’s announcement here.

How to Improve Your Posts Whether You Boost Or Not

Whether you have the money to boost your posts or not there are a few things you can do to improve your posts based on Facebook's new guidelines.

  1. Restructure your content so that it will provide value to your audience. The more value you are providing to your audience, the more likely Facebook is to show your content to others. You want to provide them with content that they can learn from, share, and engage with.
  2. Use media ALL the time. You should never simply be posting text updates to your Facebook posts. Use video and images in every single one of your posts. Facebook is really favoring video right now, so I would suggest getting videos into your marketing mix.
  3. Keep your captions short and sweet. Text heavy posts are never good so keep things simple.
  4. Don't link in your captions! Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook. So when you include a link in your posts it will decrease your reach. Instead, post your link by commenting on your own post with the link.
  5. Always respond to people's comments. Even if your response is a simple "thanks so much" it's important to address the people who are engaging with you so that they continue to do so!

Test out different kinds of posts and see what seems to work the best with your audience! Have any specific Facebook questions? Let me know in the comments?