Work-life Balance for Social Media Management

I recently attended a women’s business conference and it was so refreshing to get to know other entrepreneurs and social influencers. Topics were discussed through different panels with women who owned different types of businesses. One topic that resonated with me was how to have the perfect work-life balance.

The question was, “How does one find the balance when your job is mostly done online/you must always be connected?”

Social media can feel so overwhelming at times and it’s easy to get stuck and compare your level of success with others. When you think you’re in a great spot with your business, someone else on your feed has accomplished something even greater. Social media should be a place for community and support, and at times it’s okay to take a break to remind yourself of that. Allow your own creativity a chance to breathe without comparison for a little. Try to create content ahead of time and take weekends off.

Planning your content can be super helpful and alleviate so much stress when it comes to “keeping up” with everyone. You also feel like you have more control and clear direction with your vision when you stay on top of your tasks early. Chunk out a day where all you do is content creation and then plan your week accordingly with what you’ve created!

Take weekends off! Plan and schedule your content for the week and then allow yourself to relax during the weekend. Save time for those around you and switch to weekend mode. If you stay ahead on content, you won’t feel the need to work on weekends. When your home is your office, it’s easy to forget to switch gears from business owner to parent, spouse, etc. We must remind ourselves that family time and self-care/reflection are also important for the success of our business.

Balancing your work life and real life aren’t always the easiest for business owners, but it’s important to be mindful about our time and where we’re spending too much of it.