Web Design

2 Design Layouts To Consider for Your Website

Coming up with the right colors, images, and content for your website can be difficult. Once you've got that covered, you still have to decide the best way to lay all the information out on your website. There are endless choices for your website layout, but I recommended two commonly used choices: the f-pattern or the z-pattern.

3 Ways to Optimize Photos on Your Website to Boost Your SEO

After reading my blog post on the importance of a blog for your SEO efforts, you probably realize how helpful content can be toward the Search Enginge Ranking for your website. But, what you may not realize is that images can also be used to generate traffic from image-based search engines like Google Images.

Making a Lasting Impression With Your Website

Would you ever show up to a meeting with a potential client with your shirt untucked, a tie that's way too small, or without brushing your hair? If you're thinking "NO!" that's because you recognize the importance of making a good first (and hopefully lasting) impression. The same concept of a good first impression should be applied to your company website.