Email Marketing

Forget direct mailers and get into people's inboxes! Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. Using an email marketing tool to converse with your target audience is a great way to get them to do business with you, as long as you are not spamming them. 

The key to email marketing is not to overwhelm your lists with sales emails. You have to engage in conversation with them and provide them with value before ever asking them to take out their wallets. Think about your own experience receiving marketing emails. You are likely to only read the emails that will directly benefit you and all else go to the trash. That kind of thinking is what should guide your email marketing content.

Here is what is typically involved in email marketing management:

  • Creating multiple opportunities to collect email addresses to grow your email marketing lists
  • Sending daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly email blasts out for your business
  • Taking advantage of A/B Subject Line Testing to determine which subject lines yield the best results for your list
  • Analyzing your email marketing reports to track success and improve where needed

This seems simple enough in theory, but email marketing can prove difficult in application. Effective email marketing can quickly become an overwhelming task with the multitude of email marketing platforms to choose from, companies enticing you to purchase lists (a huge no-no!), and endless options to get people into your email marketing funnels. If you want some guidance on what to look for in addition to some best practice use the green box above to subscribe to receive our complimentary Email Marketing guide and start receiving our own email blasts with helpful tips to improve your overall digital marketing efforts.

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