Beach & Bay Realty SEO & Website Design  


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Web Design

Beach & Bay realty is a property development company in Tampa Bay. Beach & Bay reached out to KP Kreative to help improve their website with a focus on improving their search engine ranking and highlighting their latest projects.

1. SEO (search Engine Optimization)


Search engine optimization is important for every business with a website. When someone uses a search engine like Google or Bing to look up something that they need (your products/services) you want your business to show up on the first page results. The approach to help each business boost their SEO is different depending on what products they sell, what services they offer, where they are located, and who their target audience is. KP Kreative created a list of keywords based on the target audience and service area for Beach & Bay Realty to review and approve. Once the keywords that Beach & Bay want to rank for on search engines were approved, KP Kreative helped them work those words into their content in an attempt to help them improve their search engine page results (SERPs). The redesigned website was made to include schema markup, SSL certificates, and mobile-friendly indexing to boost chances of ranking.

2. Website Design

Beach & Bay’s previous website was down due to a server issue and therefore was not performing well for them at all. They wanted their new site to highlight their development projects and have the ability to update them on their own moving forward since they change so frequently. KP Kreative got started on Beach & Bay’s new website, we were able to organize the site in a way that promoted their development and allowed them to easily modify it in the future. In addition, we built out content on the website that would help it to display in search results for properties in the areas they service.

Each business's needs are different and their approach to the online marketplace should be tailored to fit their needs. This is just a sample of one of the ways KP Kreative can help startups with branding and on online presence.