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KP Kreative pushed us to embrace technology we were either unaware of or unable to use on our own. The e-learning portal has been huge for our clients and her social media efforts and website redesign have gotten us a lot of attention from new clients as well. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
— Rick Markson, Partner

ChiroDestiny is a chiropractic coaching group that helps chiropractors achieve the practices and lives of their dreams. The owners reached out to KP Kreative to redesign their website and get their social media presence off the ground as well as to improve their email marketing and advertising efforts to help them grow their client-base.

1. Website Design

ChiroDestiny's site brings the two partners of the company to the forefront while highlighting the numerous things that they coach chiropractors on. In addition to creating this website, KP Kreative worked closely with the ChiroDestiny team to create an online learning portal for the clients of ChiroDestiny to take online training to help grow their practice

2. Social Media

KP Kreative established a social media presence on Google+, Twitter, and Instagram for ChiroDestiny. KP Kreative actively manages ChiroDestiny's social media accounts to stay engaged with clients.

3. Email Marketing

The partners at ChiroDestiny were looking to reach chiropractors across US and Canada. Prior to working with KP Kreative they purchased an "opt-in list" without knowing the damage that could do to their email marketing efforts. When we first started working together, they said their emails did not seem to be reaching as many people as in the past. Turns out, this purchased list was doing more damage than they realized and their emails were going directly to spam. We worked on cleaning up their existing list, while attracting more emails with free giveaways on their site as opposed to purchasing any lists.

We currently send weekly emails on behalf of ChiroDestiny. Our lists continue to grow and are segmented to better target our audience. And our open rates and click through rates continue to improve. 

4. Online Advertising

Once we finished designing a new website and establishing a strong social media presence for ChiroDestiny, we began running ads on Facebook and Google to help spread the word about their services. 

Each business's needs are different and their approach to the online marketplace should be tailored to fit their needs. This is just a sample of one of the ways KP Kreative can help local businesses with branding and on online presence.