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The Cabin Experience Logo & Branding, Website Design, Copywriting, & Social Media

The Cabin Experience is a 3 day Breaking Free – Personal Freedom Retreat hosted and facilitated by Dr. Larry Markson author, consultant, life coach, platform personality and inner success coach to countless thousands for the past 35 years. Larry wanted to bring his digital presence to the next level and attract more Cabin attendees online as opposed to creating all the traction for his events in person, so he reached out to KP Kreative.

1. Logo & Branding

Logo Before

Logo Redesign

Besides their knowledge of marketing, social media and advertising skills, KP Kreative is amazing to work with. They are detail oriented, open to client concepts, visions and ideas and operates under a fantastic policy of Rapid Response. I have called them early in the morning, late at night and even on weekends and they ALWAYS respond immediately. In the months I have been working with KP Kreative, the results I have received far outweigh what I pay them (shh – don’t tell Kimberly I said that). She worked diligently with me to fill one of my Cabin Experience retreats and it happened in just one week. Wow! Do yourself a favor and chat with KP Kreative for a few minutes – that action could help grow your business.
— Dr. Larry Markson, Founder

The old Cabin Experience logo did not really have any life to it. The colors did not pop and the logo was lacking the proper feeling that should be associated with The Cabin Experience. KP Kreative completely recreated The Cabin Experience logo to introduce some color and include Dr. Larry Markson's name since he is the reason that people attend The Cabin Experience in the first place. 

2. Website Design

The Cabin Experience Website needed an update. KP Kreative focused on making an image-centric website that would look great on mobile and desktops/laptops. We took a text-heavy website and made Dr. Larry Markson the feature with a large video of him on the home page. Because The Cabin Experience is such a unique retreat, KP Kreative included as many photos from past experiences as possible. This way when visiting the website, you can get a clear idea of what will be in store when you register for The Cabin Experience.

3. Copywriting & SEO

In addition to refreshing The Cabin Experience website and logo, KP Kreative also refreshed The Cabin Experience website text. The previous website was extremely text heavy, so KP Kreative worked with Dr. Larry Markson to polish the web text and include the proper keywords to help optimize this site to rank on search engines.

4. Social Media

KP Kreative ramped up The Cabin Experience's social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition to posting Larry's video tip of the week to social media, KP Kreative has also been creating custom images to post to The Cabin Experience's social media sites on a regular basis.

Each business's needs are different and their approach to the online marketplace should be tailored to fit their needs. This is just a sample of one of the ways KP Kreative can help startups with branding and on online presence.