Professional Web Design

With today's technology, more potential customers will see your website than your physical location. Having a well-designed and easy to navigate website is extremely important, but it isn't the only key factor to attracting customers. In addition to a professional looking website, you also need keyword-rich content. There are many tools out there that allow you to create a nice looking website, but that doesn't mean it will rank for Google. The Google algorithm changes frequently which means your website should be updated accordingly. However, a good website should always:

Create a brand identity and use it across the entire site

  • Have clear and keyword-rich content

  • Include a straightforward call to action

  • Use typography and colors that are easy to read

  • Use headings, bulleted lists, text formatting, and good spacing to make the message stand out because the average person actually only reads about 30% of the text on a page

  • Have a strong mobile version that is easy to navigate

Your website can make the difference between a customer doing business with you instead of your competitor. So ensure you're making a solid impression by hiring KP Kreative to work with you on your website. Pricing for web design varies depending on your needs.

Here is what typically goes into creating any website:

  • Planning

  • Domain Name and Hosting

  • Images, Video, and Graphics Creation

  • Mobile and Responsive Design (your site will show up properly on any device of any size)

  • Content Creation and Keyword Optimization (SEO)

  • Analytics Reporting

The cost of any extra features, just like the cost of your website, will vary depending on your needs. For a basic website you could spend as little as $2,000 to as much as $20,000 or more. 

If you are interested in using KP Kreative for your web design needs feel free to contact us with your questions. Your first consultation with KP Kreative is complimentary.