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Williamsburg Chiropractic Web Design, SEO, Copywriting & SEO

Williamsburg Chiropractic is a chiropractic care center in Williamsburg, NY. They reached out to KP Kreative to give their website a refresh with a focus on highlighting their team and the services they offer and to ramp up their social media efforts. 

1. Web Design

The Williamsburg Chiropractic website showcases the entire team and the services they offer. KP Kreative made the website as image-centric as possible. KP Kreative worked closely with Dr. Hoffman to ensure that the imagery and videos on the website were consistent and would look great on the mobile site as well. 

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is important for every business with an online presence. When someone uses a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to look up something that they need (your services) you want your business to show up on the first page. The approach to help each business rank is different depending on what products they sell and who their target audience is. KP Kreative researched Williamsburg Chiropractic's target audience and optimized their website to give them a chance of ranking on search engines. 

3. Copywriting

In an additional effort to assist Williamsburg Chiropractic with their SEO, KP Kreative writes weekly blog posts for the Williamsburg Chiropractic website. These blog posts are then shared on the social media accounts that KP Kreative manages for Williamsburg Chiropractic to help further spread the word about the services that they offer.

4. Social Media

KP Kreative improved the social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Yelp, Twitter, and Instagram for Williamsburg Chiropractic. KP Kreative actively manages Williamsburg Chiropractic's social media accounts to stay engaged with patients.

Each business's needs are different and their approach to the online marketplace should be tailored to fit their needs. This is just a sample of one of the ways KP Kreative can help local small businesses with branding and on online presence.