Let's Get Ready to Tumble

When it comes to social media, most of us have heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but thereʼs another popular site called Tumblr. This microblogging site allows you to share text, photos, quotes, music links, and videos as well as blog posts. I've already covered the importance of keeping a blog for your business. So if, for some reason you cannot keep one directly on your website, Tumblr is a great option for you. However, if you can keep one on your website Tumblr is still a great place to share your blog posts. So here is a brief summary on how to get started.

Once you create your account at tumblr.com there are a few ways for you to share content to your followers:

  1. Sharing: Drag and drop the “share on Tumblr” button onto your bookmarked pages and you can now share to your Tumblr from any one of your favorite sites. Say you are watching a YouTube video that you want to share. Hit “Share on Tumblr” and viola! The video is posted to your site.
  2. Remote Sharing: If for some reason youʼre on a different computer than your own, you wouldnʼt have the “share on Tumblr” button, but donʼt worry, you can also e-mail or instant message posts to your Tumblr.
  3. Old School: And what if you are not on a computer at all but still find something worthy of posting? Simply text (or even call—talk about old school!) in a post, or download Tumblr apps for the iphone, blackberry, and android.

One of my favorite things is the ability to design your own page. Create a URL name as unique as you want. For example, instead of the expected www.Kimberly.tumblr.com, you could conceivably create something like www.MyCleverName.tumblr.com. You can also pick your favorite colors, fonts and backgrounds as well as choose from pre-made themes for your page or
even customize one on your own.

Controlling the design of your page isnʼt the only appeal of Tumblr. The site is all-encompassing. You can write a short blog if you want, or just share photos and videos that you find interesting. Tumblr differs from Facebook and Twitter because itʼs less about sharing status updates and photos from your personal life and more about sharing the things that youʼre passionate about.

So if youʼre like me and you canʼt get enough of social media, go ahead and add another innovative site to the never-ending mix of mayhem that you use daily.