Our Marketing Experts

Each member of KP Kreative brings a unique skill set to the team. We all work together to create an effective marketing strategy, website, or search engine optimization effort for our clients. Learn more about what we bring to the table to help you grow your business.

Marketing Expert

I'm always learning and growing which is why I love what I do so much.

Kimberly Portuondo-Cambon, Founder

My passion is to come up with creative ways to make companies stand out in the digital marketplace. There is no quick fix or simple answer for success in this arena. Each company is different and should have a unique marketing strategy to manage its online reputation.

I've been feeding my passion for all things marketing since starting my first internship at FSU. After working for a few firms to hone my marketing, web design, social media, and SEO skills, I decided to start KP Kreative. From large businesses like Google to small local startups, I have applied my skill set to create individual approaches to help each and every one of my clients grow and succeed in their marketplace.  

Lauren Fernandez, Digital Media Producer

My interest in digital media took off when I declared myself as a Web Design major. Being a part of a field where you can create, learn, and develop your skills has allowed me to express myself in the best way possible. Whether it be through my photography or videography, I have a knack for capturing the spirit of individuals. 

Working for KP Kreative over the past year has taught me how to time manage and help each client with their specific wants and needs for their company. It has allowed me to learn a myriad of marketing techniques to benefit the clients we assist. My aim is to continue growing and expand my skill set to further provide thorough content for our viewers.

Lauren also followed her entrepreneurial spirit and started her own photography business and is available to make you look awesome in your shots. Learn more on her site!


Being able to express myself in the workplace is one of the reasons I'm passionate about what I do.


With 17+ years experience in the restaurant industry, I have a strong ability to work quickly and effectively with a diverse team.

Madison Flashenburg, Content & SEO Specialist

Story-teller, dog lover, traveler, and content specialist (in no particular order).

Both during my time at Florida State University and while obtaining a Master's degree in History from Northeastern University, I developed analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills that have allowed me to help others share their stories on a number of platforms. Whether writing articles, solving problems, or creating valuable content, I am constantly in the pursuit of knowledge. 

Thanks to KP Kreative, I am able to use these skills to help businesses of all sizes reach their marketing goals.

Mohammad Al Mamum Rokon, Web Developer

I am a SquareSpace developer and SquareSpace Circle Member. I love coding and building websites to help improve your online presence. Working in programming allows me the opportunity to learn new things, new languages and new technologies and I cannot imagine doing anything else! 

When I am not coding you can find me traveling. Visiting new places is like an addiction for me. I like to travel whenever I get time.

I am so glad to be a part of the KP Kreative team so I can learn more about client management and continue to tweak my design preferences to meet a client's needs. Learn more about his expertise on his website!


I am SquareSpace Specialist and perfectionist who loves to learn new technologies.


Attention is the most important asset today. Advertising is a great way to get attention and to get it fast.

Juan David Rincon, Digital Advertising Specialist

I am passionate about helping businesses to grow, increase sales, connect with clients and to scale their impact. I am convinced that the best & only way to do that is through digital advertising.

I am an expert in most digital advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, etc. I love to create funnels and marketing systems that boost conversions. Of course, I may not always create a winning funnel the first time, but I know how to use advertising data to change and improve until achieving the desired result.

I have been working in digital advertising since 2016, and I am always taking online courses and certifications to stay up-to-date with the latest advertising trends and technology.

I am very happy to be part of the KP Kreative team. I am ready to add value and help all of our clients achieve their goals with advertising.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.23.14 PM.png

Laudy, Chief Barketing Officer

I'm an energetic rescue dog with a passion for leading the world's best breaks from work. I have a tendency to interrupt important meetings and marketing video productions whenever I sense the need to inspire creativity in the KP Kreative team. I love climbing trees, digging holes, and barking at anyone who walks by the KP Kreative headquarters.

I've learned a lot since joining the KP Kreative team including playing dead, waving hello, and balancing treats on my nose. I recently learned about the importance of hashtagging, and if you're interested you can learn more about me by checking out my #laudydoggy hashtag.