Expanding Your Organic Reach on Facebook

I've been writing a lot of posts about how to use Facebook for your business lately. I touched on ways to get the Facebook results you want, how to use Facebook ads to your advantage, and even how to review Facebook insights to perfectly target posts to your audience. I wanted to take some time to get into specifics for improving your organic reach on Facebook.

Facebook is not the place for a sales-pitch

Facebook recently changed their algorithm because users were complaining about seeing too many sales-driven posts on their News Feeds. People are not logging into Facebook to purchase anything. They are logging on to connect with their friends and family and at the most to read tips or resourceful articles. As I mentioned briefly, you should consider an 80/20 ratio rule.  80% of your content should be relevant (and valuable) to the reader, while 20% of your content can be sales-driven. Before you ask your audience to purchase something from you, you need to get them to know, like, and trust you by providing them with valuable content.

Only Post Your Best Content

Facebook is filtering your posts based on what it thinks your audience wants to see. So, you need to bring your A-game. See what types of content work best with your audience and post more content like that. Make sure it provides value to your audience!!!

Get Your Staff to Engage!

Facebook is more likely to display your content to more people if it thinks that your content is interesting. So if your staff likes, shares, or comments on your Facebook posts that will help to increase your organic reach. So encourage your staff to engage with your content!

Comment Back & Thank People for Sharing

If you want people to engage with you on your Facebook Page, you need to engage back. If someone comments on your post, reply back. If someone posts something on your page, comment on it! It will drastically improve your Facebook presence.