How to Grow Your Social Media Following

How to Grow Your Social Media Following.png

We all know that social media is a great way to promote your business, but are you using your platforms effectively? Each platform has its own benefits and can reach a specific, desired audience. Currently, Instagram has become the all-in-one app including stories, Instagram live, promotions and much more. Instagram has proved to be beneficial at marketing your business, but growing your audience and brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build your platform from the ground up, but this week’s blog post will help you get started on how to do just that.

Be patient.

We often expect that our platforms will take off right away. Sometimes, rarely, yes that happens, but most often it takes dedication and attention to detail. It’s important to first find your groove with your platform. Pinpoint your target audience and begin curating content around them. Post quality, interesting content to attract the right people, and most importantly, post content that you only want to get hired for.

Find your community.

Because social media is online, it’s easy to forget that all the profiles and pictures you scroll through on a daily basis are real people. There is a person behind these accounts you’re following and it’s beneficial to find a connection with them. Find your community and show up! Get to know others who are starting up a business and in the same position as you. Together, you can share ideas and help each other along the way. When you can make connections in real life, those will transpire through your platform as well.

Be vulnerable.

When you are promoting your business online, it’s a little more difficult to be yourself and show who you are. Vulnerability is difficult for most people, but when you let people in and share your goals, struggles, and aspirations, they relate to you on an entirely different level. By inviting people in on who you are, it makes them want to support your business. People need other people and we all like to feel like we aren’t alone in our journey. Be open with your audience and form a dialogue. Allow them to look up to you for being real in an online world.

These tips are a great way for starting your platform and building your brand. We have also created ‘A Guide to Instagram Marketing’ e-book available for purchase on our website! This Instagram guide will help any business owner discover how to take advantage of hashtags, Instagram stories, and IGTC, and review our tips for Instagram marketing. Your business will thrive by incorporating these unique marketing techniques.