Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is vital to your overall digital marketing efforts. In fact, it is important enough that it requires its own strategy that should work in tandem with your overall marketing efforts.

Simply having a Facebook Page doesn't mean you're using social media in the best way to reach and engage your audience. Your social media efforts should be guided by a social media marketing plan and a content calendar that we can help you to create. 

The overall goal of social media is to build trust with your target audience so that you can convert them into customers. This can be tricky since online trust is getting harder and harder to establish. However, when done properly social media can be used to build loyal customers. (For tips and tricks to getting started with Social Media check out our Social Media A-Z Guide)

Here is an overview of what typically goes into social media management:

  • Determining the best social media strategy for your needs by:

    • Mapping out exactly who your target audience is and how best to engage them online

    • Developing content calendar with a guide to post relevant content to your audience

    • Establishing what your social media goals are and how to measure them to ensure success

  • Creating social media images to post on a regular basis: recommended minimum of 2-3 times daily every day of the week

  • Creating pre-recorded and live videos to use on Facebook Live and YouTube as this is one of the top ways to engage with potential customers on social media

  • Scheduling social media posts to go out at the optimal time to reach the most people

  • Using hashtags to expand your social reach even further

  • Generating keyword optimized content to reach your target audience

  • Using Facebook and Google Ads to expand your overall social reach

  • Funneling visitors from your social sites to your actual website to convert them into customers

  • Analyzing your social insights and website analytics to track the effectiveness of your social media efforts and improve where needed

If you would like more information about how KP Kreative can help you with your social media, please contact us.