Little Miss Chatterbox


There has been an ongoing joke in my family that I am the Little Miss Chatterbox character from Roger Hargreaves Little Miss books. She talks all the time, even in her sleep. So itʼs completely fitting that I discovered my passion for marketing through social media management where I get paid for my ability to talk and talk and talk!

You might be thinking that I had it made. I got to spend all day at work on Facebook and Twitter. However, handling a company's social media is a lot harder than you might think. I can talk anyoneʼs ear off, but when I am managing social media I have to think about voice and relevance. In the past 5 years, I managed 7 different companies' social media strategies. Each company has a different message, a different goal, and a different voice even though all of those elements were coming from me. Starting to sound a bit complicated, right?

It gets even trickier! Not only did I have to always consider voice, I had to be as short and sweet as possible. Especially when tweeting! Youʼd be surprised how many different ways there are to say things in 140 characters or less. Itʼs not that hard to twist your words around to get a thought out in 140 characters or less. I can usually think of at least 3-4 variations of the same sentence in 140 characters or less. (Fun fact: the last three sentences have all had less than 140 characters and essentially express the same thought!) With all these options, how do you know whatʼs the right thing to say? Thatʼs when the combination of voice and relevance comes into play.

If youʼre like Little Miss Chatterbox and youʼve got a lot to say, thatʼs not a problem. Itʼs all about how and when you say it. Youʼve got to attune your company's social voice in to your audience and stay on topics that actually matter to them. With the social media revolution there are billions of chatterboxes out there, so make sure your voice stands out!