Tips for Your Video Marketing

When viewers are scrolling through their social media, they only stop on things that appeal to them. You want your content to be the thing that makes them stop scrolling. When it comes to making videos and posting them online, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind in order to attract your audience. If you are nervous about recording a video, these three tips will give your videos that extra push:


1. Lighting is everything

The first small step to take when prepping to record a video is choosing an area that has good lighting. Many people forget this detail and it can make a world of difference. Lighting is a great way to set yourself apart from everyone else. Refrain from having your camera face a window, otherwise you will be backlit when sitting across from it. This causes the video to look too dark. Your audience will likely become bored and lose interest since the video will seem dull due to the poor lighting. Instead, face your camera away from the window, and have your body across from it. This will allow the natural light from the window to brighten you up, and will allow your viewers to properly see your face and body.

Paying attention to these small details makes your video seem more professional.

2. Be aware of your environment

After you have found an area with good lighting, you want to think about your surroundings. You don’t want a distracting background, and you want to make sure you are the subject of your video. Frame yourself accordingly with your camera. Whether you are sitting down or standing up, you want to make sure your camera has enough distance from your body so you are recording from the waist up. This allows a comfortable amount of space for your audience to really see you. If it is too close, you may not have enough room for your logo or for subtitles if you will be adding those during the editing process.

3. Preparation and confidence

Finally, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Your viewers value authenticity. Likeability is a big factor for video clicks. Speak up and make sure your message is clear. Writing a few notes and organizing your thoughts on a piece of paper is a great tool to keep your information concise and structured. If the camera makes you nervous, then practice a few times to allow yourself to relax.

Adding these tips into your routine and taking the time to think about these small details before recording, will make your videos will seem more professional and polished.