Why Instagram Hashtags Are Important & How to Use Them


Instagram just released an update where you can now click on hashtags in user bios! This is a great thing for your social media business accounts because it makes it easier for people to find posts, information, and follow your unique hashtag. There are several reasons why hashtags are extremely beneficial in the digital world.

Hashtags simplify the searching process and narrow everything down by posts that have used that hashtag. They allow you to reach your specific audience and in return allow your audience to find you quickly. With this new update, hashtags can increase your engagement and expand your reach to a specific audience. Adding a hashtag that fits your business allows followers to engage with similar content. They also give your audience insight into the type of content that you post about.

Now, how do you create a good hashtag?

You want to make sure that you pick something relevant to your brand and personality. Something simple, short, and easy to remember. If you pick something random, it may not grab the attention of the audience you are trying to reach.

Research different hashtags and find out how much your target audience engages with certain words. There are several apps that show you the analytics of the hashtags you are using and how much reach it provides per post. Check out Unum or Planoly to track your hashtags. It is
beneficial to do your research to calculate the best possible hashtags that fit your business's Instagram profile.

Promote your hashtag and let your audience know you are using it. Start incorporating the
hashtag into more posts and let your users know to follow it and click the hashtag in your bio!
By making your audience aware of your hashtag, the more likely they are to engage with it.