Projects We Have Loved Working On

Valentine's Day is not just a day about romance. It’s a holiday dedicated to love of any kind. In that spirit, we want to share some of the projects that we LOVED working on.

Manifest Your Epic life


The client: Manifest Your Epic Life (MYEL) is focused on helping women achieve the lives of their dreams. They offer anything from self-help retreats, goal-setting guides, to weight loss coaching, and more.

The problem: MYEL’s previous website was not made as a responsive site, so it did not perform well on mobile browsers. The MYEL blog and podcast were also not being updated regularly due to difficulty with their platform. The layout of the site made it cumbersome for customers to take action when visiting the website. MYEL was hoping to improve their site as well as add e-commerce functionality. In addition, they wanted their search engine ranking improved.

How We Helped: We recreated their entire website on a more user-friendly platform and added commerce capabilities not only for physical products, but for their retreats as well. We also helped MYEL work relevant keywords/phrases into their content in an attempt to help them improve their search engine ranking.

Why We Loved This Project: As a women-run business, we love the idea of a company dedicated to helping women succeed. In addition to loving their message, we also had a lot of fun with the fonts and color schemes on this website.

Access the full Manifest Your Epic Life case study

5th Element Combat Fitness

screencapture-5thelementcf-2018-09-11-12_03_24 (1).png

The client: 5th Element Combat Fitness is a gym located in Oakland Park, FL. They harness the best components of the elite physical training regimen of Americans premier special operations units under one roof.

The problem: 5th Element Combat Fitness purchased their space from an existing CrossFit gym and reached out to us to update and improve their website, social media profiles, business listings, and to help them with their SEO.

How We Helped: The most vital part of the project was to make sure not to lose the value that the former gym has created in the community. So, instead of creating new social media profiles and business listings, we used the existing channels and rebranded them to fit the 5th Element Combat Fitness concept. We made sure that the former gym members knew that there was a new gym at the same location. We also made sure that people around the community knew that the gym was under new management and offering brand new workout classes.

Why We Loved This Project: This project was challenging in a fun way! In addition to maintain the equity of the previous space, we also had to work hard to make this gym stand out from the others in the community.

Access the full 5th Element Combat Fitness case study

Donato Sports Performance


The client: Donato Sports Performance is an athletic training center for youth athletes in Bridgeview, Illinois.

The problem: The client had originally made their website on their own and it wasn’t converting how they had hoped. Donato Sports Performance asked us to update their website and logo and to help them with their search engine optimization.

How We Helped: We moved Donato Sports Performance onto a website platform that they could easily manage on their own moving forward. Since their training packages and schedule changes often it was important that they can modify the site on their own. Additionally, we added ecommerce functionality to their website so that clients could order training packages right from the site. We also did a logo redesign to make everything look more professional.

Why We Loved This Project: The concept behind this Donato Sports Performance is unique and we loved helping to bring that vision to life.  

Access the full Donato Sports Performance case study.

Crabby Bill's Off the Hook


The client: Crabby Bill’s Off the Hook (OTH) is a restaurant located in Westchase, FL. OTH is the 6th restaurant that this brand would be opening in FL, and they wanted to make sure it stood out while staying on brand.

The problem:  They purchased their space from an existing seafood restaurant and needed a new website fast. Similar to 5th Element Combat Fitness, part of this project was making sure to not lose the value that the former restaurant has created in the community.

How We Helped: Instead of creating new social media profiles and business listings, we used the existing channels and rebranded them to fit the Crabby Bill's Off the Hook concept. We designed a website that clearly indicated to customers that the restaurant is under new management and also highlighted the new menu and daily food and drink specials.

Why We Loved This Project: This was the first website we worked on in the food industry and we loved every minute of it. From designing the online menu to highlighting the way this restaurant sources their food, we created a site we are very proud of.

Access the full Crabby Bill’s Off the Hook case study.